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Why Evergreen?
Simply brighter

Welcome to your cheering section! At Evergreen, our only interest is helping you see brighter days ahead. Our credit counseling and debtor education courses provide a fresh view of all the financial options and resources available to you. Get started today.

Your Experience
Simply kind

Finding the right person to discuss sensitive financial issues can be overwhelming. Nothing helps to lessen the burden more than kindness and understanding. Our internet and telephone courses allow you address all your concerns in the privacy and comfort of your own home.

How it Works
Simply a new perspective

If you feel hopeless about your financial future, you may have forgotten that there are thousands solutions to every problem. Never lose faith in your remarkable ability overcome any financial challenge, big or small.

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Take our fast and informative US Trustee approved Credit Counseling class and we’ll send your required certificate of completion straight to both you and your attorney!

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It’s time to take your required post-bankruptcy debtor education class! As usual, your certificate of completion is sent to both you and your attorney.

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Rebuild your Credit...

Worried about your credit score? Take our optional class and learn ten trusted tools to improving your credit after bankruptcy. This class is not a requirement

Why Evergreen?

· U.S. Trustee Approved
· Easy Online Courses Available 24hrs.
· Receive Certificate Same Business Day

· Flexible Payment Options
· Attorney Recommended - 100% Non-profit
· Free Expired Certificate Renewall


A New Start
“I worked in the field of finance my entire life , yet the death of my spouse, and then extreme health issues,and loss of my state Job, left me feeling like a looser. Your course allowed me to see that at times life throws ups lemons and filing bankruptcy we need to restart our financial life over again, on july 6th of 2014 I almoset passed away , but I am here and with the help of my wonderful lawyer and Evergreen financial Life will be good again soon.”

B.H. Murray, Utah 06/23/15 


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Evergreen's Mission

Evergreen Financial Counseling seeks to empower and uplift individuals through quality financial counseling and education.

Our Vision

At times it appears as if everything has a price tag.
However, we believe each person is priceless, regardless of how much money they have or owe. By teaching true worth, in addition to providing non-judgemental counseling and financial education, we can support individuals in their journey toward personal growth and financial empowerment.

U.S. Trustee Approved

Approved by the U.S. Trustees Office in all jurisdictions except for North Carolina and Alabama. Approved to issue certificates evidencing completion of credit counseling and personal financial management courses in compliance with the Bankruptcy Code. Approval does not endorse or assure the quality of a Provider's services.